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Corporate Classes

Yoga and meditation for Corporate Events in Daylesford and Hepburn

We provide corporate yoga and mediatation classes, workshops and events across Daylesford and the Hepburn Shire.

We tailor sessions to your organisation either before, during or after work.

Wellness breaks are the perfect complement to any day and we can help with chair yoga, mindfulness and meditation breaks, yoga sessions, stress-less sessions, and relaxation sessions.

Our sessions teach valuable skills to handle stress and reduce physical ailments and discomforts in the body too. Our sessions also incorporate mindfulness and can help with focus.

Our team is hand-selected with the highest level of in-depth study, skills, professionalism and personality.

All our instructors are qualified, insured and vaccinated.

Please contact our team to discuss our corporate offerings

Yoga Pose
Warrior Two
Woman Stretching
Yoga at Home
Yoga Child's Pose
Yoga Class
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