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Nature Sounds to practice yoga or meditate to

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

At YogaYew we love doing yoga and mediations in the natural surroundings in Daylesford. The sound of nature keeps the Yogi present. For those that have practice yoga with a YogaYew instructor in Daylesford, you will be familiar with the image of the lake and hopefully, it transports you back to that tranquil location in Daylesford. You might also recognize some of the sounds in this video and hopefully, it gives you a sense of calm and tranquility. During our initial warm-up and our savasana (corpse pose) we close our eyes so we can focus on being more aware of our other senses. We feel the breeze on our skin, the sunlight on our eyelids, the mat under our feet and most importantly, the sound of nature. In this 40 minute video, the main focus is to hear the sounds of nature, while you either meditate or practice yoga. We focus on the sounds and our senses to stay present to stay in the now.

Thanks, YogaYew

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