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Trataka - Meditation

At YogaYew we hold yoga and meditation classes in Daylesford but we also want our Yogis to be able to practice yoga and mediation at home. A simple meditation is candle gazing or Trataka as it is also known. Candle gazing is a simple meditation technique and can be done by finding a quiet and darkened space and remove any distractions like phones or turn them off. Select a level surface for your candle. This needs to be free of flammable materials and near eye level when you are sitting. Put the candle about 2 feet away from you and gaze at the flame. Your eyes may begin to water, but hold steady and the sensation will pass. If you blink or get distracted, just return your attention to the flame. The mediation can last for as little or as long as you want (we would suggest more than 5 minutes to gain the most benefit from the meditation), but once you have completed gazing at the candle, lay down and focus on the flame in your mind's eye for another 5 minutes. Don't forget to put the candle out once the meditation is complete! Happy meditating.


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